Government Administrators And In-House Attorneys Now Recognize The Urgency Of My Specialized Online Social Media Liability Training

Wayne Fisher


"This course opened my eyes to the many avenues of liability that was different than I thought and have been taught in my nearly 30 year law enforcement career. I have made this training mandatory for all employees, both sworn and not, at the agency I am charged with leading. I cannot explain how eye-opening the training
was. Thank you for offering this course.

Sheriff Shane Fisher, Wayne County, TN

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Jon Muir


“Mark, your social media liability course opened my eyes to the hidden liabilities that lies beneath the flashy façade of social media.. Until I participated in your course, I had no idea of the possible legal ramifications of simply liking a post or other hidden social media liability issues. I would highly recommend this course
to all  public agencies.

Steven Ford, Flower Mound Fire Dept. , TX 

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City Manager
Brian Crane


"Finding an expert like Mark Fiedelholtz, who was willing to tailor training for our employees, helped guide our employees on the liability and risks on social media. Our employees are now better prepared.

Brian Crane, City Manager
City Of Moberly, MO

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James Surrency


"Attorney Fiedelholtz is extremely knowledgeable . He presented the information in a thorough, detailed, yet easy to understand format. This is very important information that all school employees need to know."

James Surrency, Superintendent
Putnam School District, FL 

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Nationwide List Of Recent Attendees


Over 30,000 public employees have taken my social media liability course. This is the most comprehensive and cost-effective social media liability course ever developed exclusively for public employees

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  Nationwide List Of Past (36 Years) Attendees


In the past 33 years, I have trained over 100,000 public employees. Attendees appreciate my  teaching ability,  easy-to-apply strategies, and passionate teaching style that protect their career and organization.

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