Social Media Is A Specialized Legal Area. You Are Taking A Big Risk Using A Model Social Media Policy Just Because It's From A Reputable Policy Service Or Association!

99% of model social media policies, even from reputable organizations, are not written by attorneys who specialize in digital media law. Upon examination in court, the policies are found to be unconstitutionally vague.

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Game-Changing Social Media Policy Cases

These cases represent a modern trend among the nation courts to reject boilerplate social media policy language used by reputable policy services and other organizations. Also, the cases had one one striking similarity, they didn't have an experienced social media attorney specialist like me review and close hidden policy gaps created by the new federal standards.

Liverman V. City
Of Petersburg
844 F3d. 400 (2016)

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O'Laughlin v. Palm Beach County
20-14676 (11th Cir. April 1, 2022)

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Never Fire Or Discipline An Employee For Social Media Policy Violations Unless...

Tip #1
You have documented proof that an outside social media attorney expert trained all your employees on the new social media speech and privacy  laws.

Tip #2
You have documented proof that an outside social media attorney expert updated your social media policy to comply with new federal drafting standards.

3 Affordable Compliance Tools
Protect your public image and employee careers.

Step 1
Affordable Online Employee Social Media Liability  Training, New 
"Red Flag System"

Step II
 Podcasts That Help You Comply With New Federal Social Media Policy Drafting Standards

Step III
Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz Writes Your Policies And Makes Sure You Are In Compliance