New U.S. Supreme Court laws completely change your social media policies and training. My expert online and live courses help you comply with the new standards.

Courts: Social Media Is A Workplace Hazard, Not Just A Benign Communication Tool. Decision-Makers Are Personally Liable For Not Giving All Employees Expert Social Media Liability Training.

Our Expert Online And Live Courses Save You Costly Settlements/Judgements, Personal Liability Exposure, Loss Of Public Trust

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"Mark, I appreciate your 33-years of digital media law expertise. I hope the City never ends up in court defending ourselves over an online “incident”, but if we do I’m very happy to have the policies and training you guided us on." Attorney Greg Gibson, Lawton, OK

Online Course 
How To Eliminate  Social Media Mistakes On/Off Duty: Avoid Personal Liability And Bad Public Image

Single User: $79

Group Rate: $19pp
  There is a one-time portal set-up fee of $297. Call 954-748-7698 for more details.

3- Hour
Online Course 
How To Make Sure Your Social Media Policy Complies With  The New Federal Social Media Drafting Laws
Single User: $79pp

Group Rate:  $47pp
  There is a one-time portal set-up fee of $297. Call 954-748-7698 for more details. 

Online Course 
How To Avoid Hidden Risks When Using Artificial Intelligence Chatbots And Other Digital Media
Single User: $47pp

Group Rate: $19pp  There is a one-time portal set-up fee of $297. Call 954-748-7698 for more details. 

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My Online Social Media Liability Course Includes A New Powerful Easy To Apply "Red Flag Compliance System"

"Your course on social media opened our eyes. The "Red Flag" strategies helped reduce our liability. When you first explained the value of your course, you weren't just selling, you genuinely cared about our employees. The costs are minimal, the rewards are great."
Chief Wayne Woods, City of Johnson, AR

Module I

Video Introduction: The 22 most important social media liability questions and answers.

Module II

Shattering the 3 biggest social media liability myths that destroy careers and the public trust.

Module III

Red Flag #1: How to identify and eliminate social media libel and libel by implication, especially on off-duty.

Module IV

Red Flag #2: What opinions and jokes are not "Free Speech" on personal accounts.

Module V

Red Flag #3: Eliminating costly social media harassment and invasion of privacy claims.

Module VI

Red Flag #4: How to avoid all copyright infringement and trademark claims.

You Don't Need An Attorney. You Need A Social Media Attorney Specialist

"Mark, great program. Being aware of the hidden liabilities not discussed in other courses saves
your public image, and big legal fees."

Fmr. Attorney Cindy Reid Davidson, NC

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3 Easy Steps To Register Your Group

Step I: Choose your course(s) and email me the names and emails addresses of your participants. My email is [email protected]

Step II: I send out the course invitations to your participants. They create login information and have immediate 24/7 access to the course for one year.

Step III:  You can pay by check or credit card.

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In-House Attorneys, HR, And Administrators Agree, You Must Have An Outside Social Media Attorney Specialist Make Sure That You Comply With The New Federal Policy And Training Standards

"Mark, you course was exceptional, it took fear away from our administration on what to post and what to delete. We feel more comfortable after taking this course and you were always available to answer questions. All agencies need  this course.

Chief Dwayne Wheeler,
Taylorville, IL

"“Your class opened my eyes to the liability that lies beneath the flashy facade. I had no idea of the possible legal ramifications of simply liking a post or other hidden social media liability issues. highly recommend this course for all other departments.

Steven Ford, Firefighter
Flower Mound Fire Department, TX

"Too many public employees have paid the price for not receiving the tools to navigate social media safely. After auditing Mark's Social Media Liability Course with our fire chief, we decided to mandate this training to every member of our teams. If you want to protect your people and your department, I highly recommend this course." 

Chief Tim Barfield
Wellington, OH

“I thought I was prepared and had encountered every potential type of liability possible over my 34-year career in the Fire Service, but after taking Marks course, I was clearly wrong. I encourage all Fire Chief’s and other public sector decision-makers to take make this expert course mandatory for all of their staff. 

Chief Kevin Carroll
Groveland Fire, FL

“Mark, this was an excellent workshop; cleared up misunderstandings regarding digital media and explained hidden risks associated with sending, receiving and forwarding content.”

City Clerk, S.H. Oakland Park, FL

"Anyone in the public sector needs to learn this new information. Even if you are already pretty careful with your social media presence, you will learn new information that protects your career."

Zohar Zaied, Public Safety Admin. Mendocino County, CA

WARNING: Do Not Discipline An Employee Unless Your Social Media Policy Has Been Tested In Court Or Reviewed By An Experienced Social Media Attorney

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